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Frequently Asked Question

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What's the minimum payout?
There is no minimum payout on clix4clix.com because commissions from clickbank sales go directly into your clickbank account. (Clickbank has a $10 minimum)

How many accounts can I have?
Each person can only have one (1) account! If you share a computer or Internet connection with others and they also have an account with us, you should notify us to avoid being accused of having more than one account. Your partner or friend must have his/her own clickbank account!

How many sites can I surf per day?
There is no limit, surf as long as you want. There are thousands of clickbank products.

Can I add my own sites?
No, everyone surfs clickbank products. You can use credits to show your own banners.

Can I sell my credits?
Not yet, this feature will be available soon though.

Can I buy credits?
Yes, there is a link in the member section.

How do I know a commission came from clix4clix.com?
We add a tracking word: clix4clix to your affiliate link which will show up in your clickbank stats. Click on the image below for a bigger version that lets you read it.

If you don't find an answer here, just contact us.

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