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After surfing on other surf exchanges I thought it was time to have my own. But what's the point of having just another surf exchange? There must be hundreds if not thousands out there. My first idea was already done by someone else a few years ago. So here is my new idea: surfing clickbank products.

Instead of you entering your sites, I keep a current database of good-selling clickbank products. Everyone surfs clickbank products, and in exchange other people see clickbank products with your clickbank id. So instead of making pennies or just credits per site surfed, you have the chance of earning a lot of commission ($10 to over $100 per sale!). And because I use your clickbank id, this goes directly into your clickbank account. There is no minimum payout on clix4clix! Everything goes directly into your clickbank account! 100% of the commission goes to you. The more you surf, the more often your clickbank id is shown.

Where else can you make money without a website, without a product, without spending a single penny, and without any marketing knowledge? Just enter your clickbank id and start surfing! And best of all, it's free to join!

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