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Who else wants to make money:

After years I finally managed to get this domain back. I have not yet decided if I will run my own surf exchange again. A lot of things have changed. But here are some recommendations.

The best and fastest way to make money is to invest in bitconnect. This is not a pyramid scheme. You basically buy bitcoin (coinbase lets you use your debit card, easy and fast -sign up with this link and you get $10), send it to your bitconnect account. In there you convert it to bitconnect tokens. Then you lend those tokens to the trading robot. They (bitconnect) have some software that trades on the cryptocurrency exchange and makes money. How much changes daily. You get that profit paid out daily. Your intital investment is paid back after 299 days. You can re-invest your profits for faster compounding interest. A $100 investment can quickly turn into $100,000 or more. I will have video tutorials and check sheets soon. In the meantime, please sign up.

like bitconnect but ucoincash is brand new

Another way to earn bitcoin is by mining. Cloud mining lets you pay a company that owns and runs mining hardware. You buy a certain amount of processing power (hash power) and get a percentage of their profits. This might be cheaper than buying mining equipment yourself.

You can also do traditional click exchanges and get paid in satoshis.

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